gvSIG 2.6


Collaborate with the gvSIG project. Any contribution is very good for the project, and it helps to make gvSIG sustainable and allows it to continue growing. For contributions you can access here.

All-included version (recommended):

Windows EXE (Windows 64 bits) (429 MB)

Windows EXE (Windows 32 bits) (443 MB)

Linux RUN (Linux 64 bits) (670 MB)

Linux RUN (Linux 32 bits) (629 MB)

Mac MacOS: (Previous version)


Portable version:

Windows ZIP (Windows 64 bits) (425 MB) *

Windows ZIP (Windows 32 bits) (438 MB) *

Linux ZIP (Linux 64 bits) (458 MB)

Linux ZIP (Linux 32 bits) (457 MB)

Mac MacOS: (Previous version)

* The ZIP file has to be unzipped in a folder without spaces, and it doesn't have to be directly in C:\ (for example a "gvsig-desktop" folder can be created in C:\ and then the portable version moved into that folder). Then run gvsig-desktop.exe ("Application" type) file